Eventfinda Pro Platform

Eventfinda Pro Platform


Eventfinda Pro is an Event Management platform that allows event promoters & organisers to manage their event's marketing & ticketing on the consumer-facing website, Eventfinda, which is an events calendar & ticketing website for punters located in New Zealand, Australia & Singapore.

Eventfinda Pro is always evolving with new & improved features that are integral to the ticketing requirements of their clients, ranging from setting up tickets, promo codes, comp tickets, & merchandise, to viewing detailed reporting & customer information.

Date: June 2011 - Present

Tools: HTML/CSS/Bootstrap, PHP/Symfony/Vagrant/Docker, JavaScript/jQuery


I joined Eventfinda as a user interface designer and worked alongside a product design manager and a small team of back-end developers. The product design manager and I were responsible for updating the previous version of Eventfinda Pro to modern user interface design standards. Over a period of 8 years, we added new features and updated existing features to meet our clients' needs.


Our process at Eventfinda is to follow defined phases in the design and development process, starting from brainstorming through to launch. We involved all of the major stakeholders within the team, including the product design manager, developers, CEO, CTO, sales manager, sales agents, and customer support.


Produce Conceptual Design

Conduct Stakeholder Workshops

Development Handover

Conduct Testing and Code Review

Launch and Post-Project Review


Events Dashboard

As a user creates events and sells tickets, they will be able to access all of the important features for managing their events and have a quick glimpse at their events' sales data.

Create Event

The Create Event page is very complex since event promoters and organisers have a wide range of requirements for setting up their event: location, categories, session dates and times, description, websites, and embargo date and time.

Choose Ticketing

Even though Eventfinda offers a ticketing service, event promoters are still able to add their event to the Eventfinda network even if they are ticketing with another agent. Our ticketing options provides them a range of options to fulfill their needs with an easy-to-use interface.

Create Ticket Type

Once the event promoter has set up their event, if they have selected Eventfinda Ticketing as their ticketing agent, they will need to set up their ticket types with options for pricing, description, sessions, and onsale/offsale times. These options require a simple but elegant user interface so that an event promoter can efficiently set up their tickets.


Event promoters sure love their reports, and Eventfinda Pro offers a wide range of report types with different charts, tables, filters, and export options to suit their needs.

Scan Tickets

Eventfinda Pro offers a scan tickets tool that allows event promoters, organisers and support staff to scan tickets using their laptop, or the optional USB scanner.


I am very proud to be part of a team that offers a world-class web application to our clients so that they feel in total control of their events' ticketing and marketing needs with clever tools in one easy-to-use platform. Event promoters have very complex requirements and Eventfinda Pro has a lot of features that allow them to reach their audience and sell more tickets.

By using the Bootstrap framework, it allowed us to rapidly prototype and develop features efficiently without the need of using wireframing tools. We felt that we would spend as much time coding a prototype using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap as we would using a wireframing or prototyping tool. This also allowed us to pass the designs to the development team quicker than normal. Bootsrap also allows us much more redundancy, such as situations where the design team is too busy working on a project, the development team can easily use the range of buttons, form elements, components, and features that Bootstrap provides without requiring the assistance of the design team.

Eventfinda Pro is always evolving and this amount of flexibility allows us to produce new features and improve existing features with speed and ease.